Accessing SharePoint term store with Javascript

To access the term store with JavaScript, refer to the following links:

Tips for creating a custom Web template in SharePoint 2010

1. When compiling the project, if you run into a conflict with features during deployment in Visual Studio while developing the Web template, consider moving different elements, such as lists, site columns, and so forth to different features. Don’t try to put all the elements of the Web template solution in one feature. 2. In […]

Nintex Best Practices

The following items can help your Nintex workflows run more reliably and efficiently: 1. Disable Nintex history logging in the workflow settings 2. Create one Nintex database per Web application in SharePoint 3. Run the Nintex purge workflow script every six months or more often, depending on your farm 4. Use workflow constants. Best […]

Can’t get JavaScript files to run in SharePoint?

Having trouble getting JavaScript files to run in your SharePoint site? Make sure you set the¬†LoadAfterUI=”true” attribute in your ScriptLink tag. Here is an example: <SharePoint:ScriptLink ID=”MyBaseID” Name=”~Site/_catalogs/masterpage/MyPathtoJavascriptFile/mycustomjavascriptfile.js” runat=”server” OnDemand=”false” LoadAfterUI=”true” Localizable=”false”/>