Customizing document sets in SharePoint 2013

Can add javascript to welcome page to add elements and colors; hard to hide fields on welcome page. NewDocSet.aspx docsethomepage.aspx (Welcome page) (read only) EditForm.aspx Appending text not available in document set libraries, even with versioning turned on. Make two new edit forms: newdocsetcustom.aspx, editformcustom.aspx Reference Create edit page and rename newdocsetcustom.aspx. if you […]

jQuery and JavaScript selectors in SharePoint

Just a quick reminder of the various selectors that work well on SharePoint 2010 list forms. For SharePoint 2010 custom list forms, doc mode 8,9 on your master page, use jQuery selectors and use jQuery 1.11. JavaScript selectors for SharePoint 2013 list forms, doc mode 10 and newer on your master page var personnelTypeEl = […]

Good references for Update-SPSolution

These two references are excellent sources of information regarding the PowerShell commandlet Update-SPSolution for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013: SharePoint 2010 Web Parts in Action by Wictor Wilen Chapter 7 Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Developer Reference by Paolo Pialorsi Chapter 8

Infopath form that switches views based on the current user

List based forms are considered browser based forms. Browser based forms can use the InfoPath Username() function to capture the current user account id. The limitation is that you can’t grab user profile properties with this method. Occasionally, you may have a requirement to switch views on a form based on the current user. You […]