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Infopath form that switches views based on the current user

List based forms are considered browser based forms. Browser based forms can use the InfoPath Username() function to capture the current user account id. The limitation is that you can’t grab user profile properties with this method. Occasionally, you may have a requirement to switch views on a form based on the current user. You […]

InfoPath tips

To avoid NaN appearing in calculation results of InfoPath formulas, do the following: Use Now instead of Created. Try to avoid using the Automatically retrieve data when form is opened option. If a form is slow and a data connection has the setting Save with form checked, try clearing this option. If data connection still […]

InfoPath Presentation SharePoint Saturday 2/2014

You can download the notes from my presentation on InfoPath 2010 Tips and Tricks, along with the list templates and step-by-step instructions. The instructions describe configuring cascading dropdown lists and custom unique record identifiers in InfoPath.