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Nintex Best Practices

The following items can help your Nintex workflows run more reliably and efficiently: 1. Disable Nintex history logging in the workflow settings 2. Create one Nintex database per Web application in SharePoint 3. Run the Nintex purge workflow script every six months or more often, depending on your farm 4. Use workflow constants. Best […]

Can’t get JavaScript files to run in SharePoint?

Having trouble getting JavaScript files to run in your SharePoint site? Make sure you set the¬†LoadAfterUI=”true” attribute in your ScriptLink tag. Here is an example: <SharePoint:ScriptLink ID=”MyBaseID” Name=”~Site/_catalogs/masterpage/MyPathtoJavascriptFile/mycustomjavascriptfile.js” runat=”server” OnDemand=”false” LoadAfterUI=”true” Localizable=”false”/>

When to use Business Connectivity Services and when to use ADO.Net …

Use Business Connectivity Services (BCS) when you want to: 1. Provide a no-code solution 2. Create several Web Parts that would all use the same ADO to connect to the SQL database. 3. Re-use code even if someone renames the SQL server, moves the database, or renames a table or column. 4. Maintain one connection […]

SSIS and moving Excel files around

Need to upload an Excel to a SQL Server¬†database on a regular basis? Check out the following article on SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS):