SharePoint 2013 ClientPeoplePicker test script

I am working in an environment where I am not able to deploy SharePoint-hosted add-ins. I wanted to test the ClientPeoplePicker in my environment with a simple Content Editor Web Part to get the user email. I tweaked the script at the following Microsoft article by setting the schema setting AllowMultipleValues to accept one selected […]

REST call to get user email

To use the following function to retrieve the user email from the SharePoint User Profile service, you would need to pass in the account name of the user. GetUserEmail = (function () {     "use strict";     var _webUrl = "";     var load = function (selectedValue) {         $.ajax({             cache: false,            url: _webUrl + "/_api/SP.UserProfiles.PeopleManager/GetPropertiesFor(accountName=@v)?@v='" + encodeURIComponent(selectedValue) […]

Event receiver for copying an event

In SharePoint 2013, we discovered a problem with copying events that have recurring properties or the All Day setting selected. Users could not copy the event to another site in a SharePoint workflow, even when using the activity to create a new item and then copy each column. A sandboxed event receiver overcame this problem. […]

Accessing SharePoint term store with Javascript

To access the term store with JavaScript, refer to the following links:

Tips for creating a custom Web template in SharePoint 2010

1. When compiling the project, if you run into a conflict with features during deployment in Visual Studio while developing the Web template, consider moving different elements, such as lists, site columns, and so forth to different features. Don’t try to put all the elements of the Web template solution in one feature. 2. In […]